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El aprendiz de brujo y Los Invisibles

Children's category: El aprendiz de brujo y Los Invisibles, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra

A sorcerer apprentice will by accident return to life a 10 year old orphan child murdered ten years ago. Mortimer, the apprentice, brings him together with his group of friends in order to do justice and unveil his murderer. His enemy is powerful, but all of them together are still the Invisibles.

An original plot of an orphan’s gang as tight as family, fighting against an ambitious man without ethics or dignity, a man who was able to leave an injured boy dying at the side of a road in order not to lose his career. The orphans are the main characters of this macabre but tender and emotive adventure. Friendship strength will make things possible.


Mortimer was much luckier than the rest of children in the Monroe orphanage. He was adopted as apprentice by Professor Haggath, a clandestine warlock really enigmatic.

After three years helping him with his magic potions and tricks, Mortimer was not yet prepared for what happened that night. The potion he had to hand to Professor Haggath’s client at the cemetery was really dangerous, as it returned dead people to life.

But… What if three droops fall from the potion bottle by accident?

Mortimer will meet Horace, another Monroe orphan who died being a boy, ten years before, when a drunken man on his horse tramples over him and refused to take him to hospital. Back to the land of the living, thanks to the three potion drops of professor Haggath, Horace, with his cadaverous finger, will point to Jonas Petigrew, the mayor, as his murderer.

Mortimer will find Horace’s friends and join back the legendary gang they used to be; The Invisibles. They have three days, before Horace dies again, to make justice to his dead. A race against the clock. Luckily, they have a brilliant plan that will make the assassin confess out loud, in a panic crash, his crime.


“Professor Haggath’s voice tumbled his head again:
—It is a strong, very strong potion, unique, difficult to prepare, and that can only work tonight. First of all, you must take it to him before 12 o’clock. In the second place, you must hand the whole bottle safely intact. Do not open it. Do not spill a single drop! Do you understand? Not even one! If one only drop falls elsewhere, it could cause a disturbing fact, to say it in a soft way, understood?
What had he meant by saying “disturbing fact”?
Not even a single drop… and three drops had fallen.
Too late to settle it. First thing to do was to deliver the bottle.
Frightened, with his head burning, he started running again.”

Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Biographical Profile

Jordi Sierra i Fabra was born in Barcelona in 1947. He began to write when he was eight, and when he was twelve he decided that his vocation was to become a novelist. However, seduced by rock music, ...