Arnal Gil, Txabi

I imagine that the fault that I am now writing this paragraph lies with Mortadelo and Filemón, Long John Silver, Batman and my mother, who woke me up (yes, yes, I woke up) every morning with the adventures and misadventures of the Smug Rat. The fact is that my relationship with children's literature has now lasted forty years, and I do not observe any indication that makes me suspect that our idyll has an expiration date. Although things have changed somewhat: now I know many more wonderful characters and stories, and from time to time I dare to create a little story. This is how Rasa, a sheep with diction problems, Marixa, a poetess persecuted by the police, Noelia, number one fan of the biblical Noah, the thief Fernández sisters, Huracán in love with a small butterfly or the English king who was in pain were born. horribly head. And now I have to leave you. An idea is floating around in my head and I better give it a little attention so it won't go away. A kiss