Barceló, Elia

<b>Elia Barceló </b>is considered one of the most important Spanish science-fiction writers. From her first work she made it clear that what interested her most was to narrate the extraordinary. Not necessarily fantastic or supernatural, but things that are not usual.<br/> <br/> Born in Alicante in 1957, she studied English language and literature, and Spanish language and literature later on. She achieved her doctorate at Innsbruck University (Austria) where she has been living for over 37 years already.<br/> <br/> She published her first story (science fiction) at the age of 22 and at 32 her first book, Sagrada. Since then she has combined teaching at university with writing.<br/> <br/> Elia Barceló has published around 60 stories and 25 books, 12 of which are for young people and she has been translated to 19 languages.