Gisbert, Joan Manuel

Joan Manuel Gisbert was born in Barcelona. After various studies and jobs, he chose to dedicate himself to literature. It was what attracted him most intensely. In his more than four decades as a writer, he has been translated into more than twenty languages ​​and has obtained many of the most significant awards in his field, such as the National Children's and Young Adult Literature, the Lazarillo, the CCEI, the Cervantes Chico , Criticism, EDEBÉ, Gran Angular, Barco de Vapor (twice), etc., as well as various distinctions in France, Germany and Latin America. In his works he tries to offer stories never told before, inspired by the fantastic and/or by real events. Gisbert is an author convinced that, despite the large number of existing media, the communicative and creative value of words and language will continue to be essential for a very long time.