González Iturbe, Antonio

Antonio Iturbe (1967) was born on Earth. He has published the novels Rectos torcidos (2005), Días de sal (2008), The librarian of Auschwitz (2012), published in 40 countries, A sky open (2017, Biblioteca Breve Award) and La playa infinite (2021). Also, the essay 50 literary moments (2017). He is the author of the children's book series The Cases of Inspector Cito, translated into 9 languages, and the series La Isla de Susú. As a cultural journalist, he has worked in magazines such as Fantastic Magazine or the television supplement of El Periódico, and has collaborated in various media, including El País, Diario Público, Elle magazine or Rutas del Mundo. For 19 years he was in the editorial office of Qué Leer. He is currently director of the book magazine Librújula and contributor to La Vanguardia and El Heraldo de Aragón.