Hatero, Josan

Josan Hatero Mosteiro was born in Barcelona in 1970. He is a renowned author of adult fiction titles. He published his first book of short stories in 1996 Biografía de la huida. This was followed by several works of fiction published as Josan Hatero but also as Josan Mosteiro in homage to his mother (Debate, Roca, Alfaguara, Destino). He has also written the script of the film Las distancias and published several juvenile fictions under a pseudonym for which he has been awarded. He is also a translator and teaches creative writing. He has been translated into German, Italian, Turkish and Russian up until now. At edebé he has published the YA trilogy Mackenzie (XNUMX-XNUMX) and the title Disfraz de Héroe (XNUMX), and in XNUMX the Children title El insoportable Cornelius Bloom.