Latorre Fortuño, José María

He was born in Zaragoza and resides in Barcelona. He has been the coordinator of the magazine “Directed by…” between September 1982 and April 2011, and director of the book collection “Double Program.” He collaborates in magazines and newspapers in Spain and Italy on topics of literature, film and music, and has written sixteen scripts for television based on classics of fantasy literature. He has collaborated on more than fifty collective books, both in narrative and essay. His screenplay “Robert Hein's System”, based on a story by Pere Calders, won the Catalan Generalitat award. Novelist for adults and young people, with more than forty titles in his work, he has published stories in various newspapers and magazines. He appears in the anthologies «One Hundred Years of Stories in Spain» (Alfaguara, 1998) and “Aquelarre” (Salto de Página, 2010). He has been a jury member at film festivals and at the Ciudad de Barbastro Novel Award. He has been in charge of preparing cycles for Filmoteca Española (fantastic cinema) and Filmoteca de Catalunya (Nino Rota). He wrote for the French record label Audivis-Valois the text for the edition of Rota's piano work by Danielle Laval. He has obtained the following awards: Degeneración de los 80 in 1981. Gigamesh Special in 1988. Ciudad de Barbastro in 1996. San Pancracio 1996 in Cáceres for his critical work. Gran Angular 2002. Gaudí's Owl from the Astorga Festival 2003 for his critical work. Zamora Readers in 2004. Villa de Benasque Literature in 2005. Finalist for the Ciudad de Toledo Young Literature Award 1981, and the Edebé 2000