López Soria, Marisa

Graduate in Art History. Teacher, director in Public Centers and Training Advisor in Teacher Centers. Professionally dedicated to literature, she currently conducts Reading and Writing Animation Seminars, and Literary Creation Workshops for children, young people, and adults in various foundations and institutions, Book Fairs, European Schools and Cervantes Institutes around the world. She has published more than thirty books in different genres - essays, poetry, narrative - with prestigious publishers: Edebé, Everest, Alfaguara, Hiperión, Casals, Espasa, Círculo de Lectores, Pearsons Educación, La Galera, Planeta, Oxford, Random House Mondadori. Scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1987, the V Centenary Commission of the Discovery in 1992, the Santa María Foundation in La Rioja in 1997, the Santa María Foundation in Portugal in 1999, the Paul Beckett Foundation in 2006 and the Colegio de España in Paris, 2010. National Narrative Award from the Ministry of Education and Science in 1986. First Enma Egea Poetry award 1995, Lazarillo award 1996, Murcian Children's Book of the Year Award 1999, Murcian Young Adult Book of the Year 2000, CCEI Honor List 2003, Murcian Children's Book of the Year 2003, First Almuñecar Poetry Contest Award 2006, included in the guide of the FAD (Aid Against Drug Addiction Foundation), 2007, and in the Selection of the General Directorate of Books, Archives and Libraries 2008. His poem about abuse was selected for the book “Children's map for a game of checkers” 2009. Women's Institute and the Childhood Platform. Anthologized on numerous occasions, her work is widely included in the “Dictionary of Contemporary LIJ Authors.” It has been translated into several languages, including Korean, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.