Mendiola, José María

Born in San Sebastián, in 1929 and died on January 2, 2003, he was a Spanish writer. Graduated in Law from the University of Deusto, José María Mendiola was legal advisor to the Vizcaya Minor Protection Board. He was an editor and book critic for El Diario Vasco de San Sebastián. He has written books for adults and has won several literary awards: 'Café Gijón' in 1958 'Nadal' in 1962 'Ciudad de Irún' in 1971 'Puente Colgante' de Portugalete in 1973. He has also cultivated the essay with several books published in Obelisco Editions. He was a finalist in the Planeta award in several of its editions. Recently, and in a twist to his literary production, he dedicated himself to the novel Young Adult, in which he has already earned recognized prestige. Bibliography: – The seagull of the Plaza de Guipúzcoa / il. Araceli Sanz.- Alfaguara, 1991 – The limits of the wolf.- Júcar, 1991 – The mummy Regina.- Anaya, 1993 – The palace of the cobwebs.- Manuel Salvat, 1993 – Who takes care of the little birds?.- Susaeta, 1993 – My cousin from Bilbao.- Júcar, 1994 – The castle of Lora / il. José Belmonte.- Bruño, 1994 (Tr. Basque.) – The English Cemetery.- Edebé, 1994 (Tr. Basque.) – The tremor of the monsters.- Edebé, 1997