Molina LLorente, Pilar

Pilar Molina Llorente (Madrid, 1943) has a degree in Fine Arts, with studies in music, philology and psychology. A collaborator of several publishers in art books, readings and crafts for children and young people, she has translated various children's and young people's works from Italian and English into Spanish. In 1964 she won the Doncel award for novels for Ut y las estrellas. With The Terrible Florentine he obtained the Doncel award 1971-1972 in the biography category and the CCEI award in 1973. Other of his awarded works are The Message of Maese Zamaor (Barco de Vapor award 1978), Patatita (CCEI Honor List 1984 ), The Shadow of the Dagger (CCEI Honor List 1994)… Also recognized internationally, his work The Apprentice, for example, has been published in a dozen languages ​​and won the “Mildred L. Batchelder” award and the of the American Library Association.