San Miguel Martos, Julia

Julia San Miguel Martos was born on December 7, 1965, a snowy autumn afternoon that seemed like winter. As a child she spent many hours with her grandmother. She spoke to him about the war, little, because they were very painful times. And she told him stories that she learned when she was very little. On those endless afternoons, the furniture creaked, the bogeyman arrived on tiptoe and in a garden where the most beautiful flower in the world was born, the guardian of the hundred eyes slept with his enormous hundred eyes open. It was those words, the magic of her voice, the secret formula to devour readings and dream of being a writer. Her studies in Hispanic Philology and her work as a proofreader in numerous publishing houses gave her the opportunity to meet great authors who accompanied her and inspired her in the adventure of writing. In these years, she has won several literary awards and has published wonderful stories in prestigious publishing houses. Her children, Sergio and Lucía, say that "her books taste like a child." And there they are, waiting to be your friends.