Sánchez Aguilar, Agustín

Agustín Sánchez Aguilar was born in Barcelona on a summer Sunday. As soon as he entered school, he caught the taste of reading, and since then he lives jumping from book to book: he spends half his life reading what others write and the other half writing what others read. He works as a professor at the university, gives lectures on how to encourage teenagers to read, writes in verse from time to time and has adapted some great classics of world literature for children, such as Don Quixote and Ovid's Metamorphoses. He likes to travel, ride a bike, fly kites, laugh with his daughters at the nonsense that appears on TV and take long walks thinking about things about him. He has published the novels Equis y yo, about an intergalactic penguin who remembers everything, and The Legend of the Cid, about a medieval warrior who everyone remembers. In his book Carmelo Must Be Saved, a child asks the Three Wise Men for a stuffed pig but receives a real pig. Thanks to that novel, he won the City of Málaga award for Children's Literature and has entered the prestigious White Ravens list. His big dream is to meet the Wonderfuls, the five turtles from his latest book, and sing karaoke with them.