Vallejo, Susana

Susana Vallejo (Madrid, 1968) is a writer and founder of the online gender school She has written more than fourteen novels, among which the following stand out: the fantastic tetratology “Porta Coeli”, which was a finalist for the Jaén award; the award-winning work Edebé 2011, The Spirit of Last Summer and Ireland Without You, all of them for young audiences. He has also published 109 Berlin Street and the fable Nine Days in the kyiv Garden. And on two occasions she has been a finalist for the International award for Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature from Ediciones Minotauro. He now publishes with Edebé The Delorean family travels through time, which was a finalist for the Award Edebé 2022, children's modality. / Tiktok @phantasticas / twitter: @susanavallejoch