Go digital with EdebéOn +

EdebéOn+ is the digital platform that integrates the tools and digital content of Edebé. A complete proposal that enriches the teaching-learning process in all its facets: personalization, analysis, classroom management, evaluation... And, ultimately, it facilitates the daily lives of thousands of teachers like you.


New tools based on Artificial Intelligence

  • Educational AI created and tested by active teachers
  • With just one click create content and activities from your books 
  • Save time and make your daily tasks easier
  • Supported by experience in creation of educational content Edebé

Integrated with the best platforms in the educational field:

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    The most complete platform you have ever seen offers you everything you need to revolutionize your classes:



    • Sort or delete the contents of the books as you wish
    • Create or add new content of your own
    • Access more than 10.000 educational resources from the Digital Library of Edebé 
    • View books in interactive PDF format or in html5

    developed jointly with

    • Competently evaluate your class
    • Use LOMLOE evaluation criteria from your community
    • Create competency indicators and personalize the evaluation
    • Obtain classroom progress reports with rubrics and competency targets

    with AI tools

    • Summarize texts and create content with a single click
    • Lean on the rigor of the teaching materials of Edebé
    • Effortlessly gamify your classes with educational games, quizzes and escape rooms
    • Help yourself with suggestions from Adi, the AI-based virtual assistant


    • Access all content and tools from the same space
    • Do not duplicate processes, connected with the main educational platforms Google, Microsoft, Esemtia, Moodle and Additio

    Go digital with EdebéOn+!