At thirteen, Diego is one of the most famous and richest young boys in the world, but he is nowhere near happy. He is the main character of Dark Street, an American TV daily show seen all over the world. The bad thing is that it's a terror series, and he's trapped in it. It is not funny to be scared daily, moreover if the show is a reality, and your whole life happens in front of a camera. His parents enrolled him on the show when he was a baby, and he has never experienced a normal life. In fact, he lives within the studios and most of the time he ignores if he is being recorded or not, if his parents are acting or are themselves, and he is always alert as he never knows when he will be scared again.

Tired of everything, Diego just wants to quit, but being the star, this is not so easy. Many economic interests surround him. So he finally decides to run away even from their parents who are about to divorce. But the way out of the studio is not plain and simple as he thought, trapped in a multi-reality shows studio area, his way out becomes like a videogame level in which each scenario is different. But the dilemma on what is true and what is fiction remains. Will Diego succeed? Who can he trust? What is real and what is just part of the reality show he is enrolled in?
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ISBN: 978-84-683-7059-0
Code: 139453
Publication date: 20/03/2024
240 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 20.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 12.70 
Recommended subjects:
Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual
Civic and Ethical Values
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction and true stories
Rhei, Sofia

Sofía Rhei (Madrid, 1978) is a writer of speculative genres and experimental poetry. She collects seeds and Lego pieces. She writes for children (El joven Moriarty, Olivia Shakespeare, Cómo tener ideas), for young adults (Flores de Sombra, La calle Andersen), and for adults (Róndola, Espérame en la última página, El bosque profundo, Alicia Volátil). She has received the Javier Egea, Celsius, Spirit of Dedication and DwarfStars awards, the Mention of the Bando del Libro of Venezuela and has been included in the White Ravens catalogue.

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