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Rayó, Miquel. Illustrated by: Aránega, Mercè.
The drama of the Spanish Civil War seen through the innocent eyes of a child. Miquelet remembers his experience in a little village in Mallorca when he was a lively, curious child who hardly understood the hate that surrounded him. Accompanied by Miquelet, we enter a camp where Republican prisoners are being held and visit homes destroyed by death, the lonely heart of a widow and a noisy bar where the winners flaunt their power.
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Young Award Protagonist

Rights sold to Venezuela & Mexico

ISBN: 978-84-236-8771-8
Code: 071131
Publication date: 05/07/2007
120 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 19.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 10.95 
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction: General, modern and contemporary fiction
Rayó, Miquel

Miquel Rayó (Palma de Mallorca, 1952) has a degree in Pedagogy and works in an orientation program for future students at the University of the Balearic Islands. He has been writing for almost thirty years, and has always been a passionate reader of comics, poetry and novels, a convinced conservationist, and a taster of various affections: field ornithology, hiking on mountain paths, the harmonica, the conservation of natural spaces, cultural dissemination, environmental dissemination... He has written novels, tourist guides, books on Balearic Nature, and above all stories and novels for children and young people, such as El Camino del Faro (award Edebé of children's literature and the Sierra de Oro Critics' award), El cementiri del capità Nemo or El raïm del sol i de la lluna, works that have won awards in other important literary competitions. Recognized for his reflective and poetic style, with subtle emotions and demanding reading, his work The Altai Enigma now offers a radically different novel that he himself defines as a "cryptozoological Western." A classic adventure novel, the product of the evocation of many of his youthful (and not so youthful) readings, and written with the intention of recovering a genre of pure entertainment, often unfairly disparaged by critics.

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