Gonza loves Gema with all his heart, with all his love, with all his energy, with all his steps. When Gonza walks down the street, he dedicates each step to Gema and thinks that every step he takes is one less that separates him from his life with her. But Gonza is also a teenager who tries to think the best replies, quite often terribly funny, when asked about something which he foresees might lead to trouble (quite often too).

Up to a few weeks ago, which now seems so far away, he used to see Gema in class every day, and they laughed, and talked, and did their homework together. Gema was always there. But all that was before Gema suddenly disappeared (forever? He doesn’t know. He has no clue). It doesn’t help at all that the head-teacher has seized his mobile for a month, as they are not allowed in class. Gema used to be on the other side of the screen and Gonza on this side. But maybe the worst is that when he asks his teacher where is Gema, he absolutely forbids him to mention her name ever again if he doesn’t want the Police to be involved!

His whole world has absolutely turned upside down.
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ISBN: 978-84-683-5364-7
Code: 133757
Publication date: 28/07/2021
204 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 20.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 12.70 
Recommended subjects:
Geography and History
Language and literature
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction and true stories
Aranda Ruiz, Pablo

Pablo Aranda Ruiz was born in Malaga in 1968 and died at the age of fifty-two, in his hometown, on August 1, 2020, due to stomach cancer. Graduated in Hispanic Philology, he was a professor, writer and journalist. Since the publication of The Other City, a novel that was a finalist for the 2003 Spring award and won the 10th Andalusian Critics' award for best first novel, he dedicated himself fully to writing books and articles. Highlights include: Detachment of Routine (Arguval, 2003), which won the Diario Sur award for Short Novels, The Improbable Order (Espasa Calpe, 2004), Ukraine (Destino, 2006), which won the II Málaga award, The Soldiers (El Aleph , 2013), The Protected (Malpaso, 2015) and The Distance (Malpaso, 2018). The author's first foray into children's fiction, Fede wants to be a pirate (Anaya, 2012), won the Ciudad de Málaga Children's Literature Award, which encouraged him to continue with this series. For the Young adult audience, he wrote this novel, The Upside Down World, which he could not see published, and which now appears as a posthumous work.

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