When Julia’s mum was young, there were no mobile phones, and if her father told her that she had to be home at any specific time, she would be home at that time. One minute late and she would be in trouble. Julia is now more than two hours late. Way too much.

She starts burning up and feels a mix of anger, frustration, rage and despair. First she tells herself that, when Julia gets home, she will kill her. Then, that she will punish her. Now all she prays is to see her along the street or walking through the door. The rest doesn’t matter anymore. Is she okay?

Julia’s sister is frantic too. She doesn’t understand how Julia is not yet home but when she finally, and very reluctantly, reads her diary she thinks she had found a clue to what might have happened.

Julia’s friends are in a state of turmoil as well. Growing up means falling in love and feelings among them are at boiling point. Jealousies and heart-felt discussions were ripe on the night Julia disappeared. Each of them took a decision that would change their lives that same evening.
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ISBN: 978-84-683-4918-3
Code: 132187
Publication date: 08/09/2020
268 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 20.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 12.70 
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction and true stories
Sierra i Fabra, Jordi
He was born in Barcelona in 1947. He lives in this city, although he is a tireless traveler who has traveled all over the world. As a writer, he cultivates all literary genres, from crime novels to science fiction, including children's and youth narratives. His work is abundant (more than a hundred published titles) and he has also received many literary awards, among which the Premio Edebé 1994 by Aydin, the Wide Angle, etc. Simultaneously, he has always dedicated himself to his other great hobby: music. He is married and the father of two children.
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