Kambo is an eight-year-old boy who has been raised by pirates on a Caribbean island. He is happy on the beach with the pirates and he is friends with the monkeys on the island. Kombo’s dream is to become adult enough to be able to go out with the ship and act as a real pirate. His life changes when the pirates bring a girl, Sulima, to the island. She is a very elegant and beautiful girl who has been raised in an entirely different environment. Overcoming their first differences, the boy will learn how to read and have good manners, whilst Sulima will learn how to play and enjoy the natural surroundings of where they live.
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Rights sold to Mexico

ISBN: 978-84-683-3800-2
Code: 127843
Publication date: 14/06/2018
112 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 19.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 10.95 
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction: General, modern and contemporary fiction
Neuschäfer Carlon, Mercedes

My first name is Mercedes Carlón Sánchez; However, after my marriage in 1958, I took my husband's surname Neuschäfer because that was the law in Germany then. She completed her Baccalaureate at the Instituto de Jovellanos in Gijón and, before turning 18, I won a place by competitive examination in the State Accounting Corps of the Ministry of Finance. I worked as a civil servant for some time, but since letters interested me more than numbers, I asked for a leave of absence to begin a degree in Philosophy and Letters. I did the first two courses at the University of Oviedo, my hometown, and the specialty, Modern Languages, at the University of Madrid, where I graduated in 1957. Already in Germany I was a Spanish teacher at the University of Giessen, and then I taught class to Spanish children, children of emigrants in Germany. I was happy to give them the opportunity, which I had had and not their parents, to be able to study and achieve a good position in life. At the end of classes I read them a page from my first book, The Abandoned Cabin, still in manuscript, without telling them that I had written it. The attention and emotion with which they listened, and their “go on, go on” when I wanted to finish, gave me courage. Shortly after, that novel won the AMADE award in 1975, the best-endowed children's/young adult award in Spain. My first editor was Rosa Regás with A Badly Done Photography, a detective novel. The Abandoned Cabin was soon translated into German and in Spain it appeared, as the first book by a Spanish author, in Alfaguara's recently founded children's and Young Adult collection. More than twenty books followed, published in Spain and also in other languages ​​and countries. Most of them for young people and children. Childhood, of which I have very vivid memories, particularly interests me. I believe that the enjoyment of a child reading a book "that suits him" is greater than that of an adult and also the influence it can have on him. The little reader wants to know and understand the world around him, as well as others and himself. Reading, in addition, he develops his fantasy and enjoys it.

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