Briny and Ayla are twins and as different on the outside as they are on the inside. Briny is autistic, while Ayla doesn’t fit the standards of an ordinary teenager. Briny is afraid of rain, and Ayla is afraid of not being cared for by her family. A story in which two different worlds fit together, as snuggly as twin siblings do, and complement each other. A friendship stronger than blood roots and diversity.

Having moved to a new home in the countryside, all is new for them. For Briny it is a real challenge, for Ayla it means turning a new page, while awakening to adult life means facing first love and coping with bullying. Hearing the voice of Ayla, we realize that appearances may be deceptive and that regardless of disabilities or dysfunctions each person has a value to appreciate. It is a very optimistic story where every obstacle is presented as a challenge and despite the difficulties the characters manage to overcome them.
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ISBN: 978-84-683-5295-4
Code: 133678
Publication date: 12/05/2021
148 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 20.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 12.70 
Recommended subjects:
Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual
Civic and Ethical Values
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction and true stories
R. Ayamonte, May

May R Ayamonte, 1996, es andaluza y una apasionada de la literatura y los animales. Graduada en Filología Inglesa, trabaja como lectora editorial, booktuber y dando charlas de fomento de lectura en colegios e institutos, mientras gestiona su propia empresa, SL Literali, de la que es cofundadora. Publicó su primera novela a los doce años y no ha parado de escribir desde entonces. Entre sus obras destacan Besos Entre Líneas, De Nadie y Contra Corriente.

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