Xenia is a normal teenager with usual problems and a secret: she's in love with someone whom she has never seen. She has exchanged emails with someone called Marcel because they have read the same book: The Catcher in the Rye. Its author was enigmatic, reserved, despite being able to communicate so many things to millions of readers, he lived alone. And, Marcel? Why does he avoid her? Why doesn’t he want to see her? Maybe his name is not even Marcel. Maybe his life might be a little more complicated than Xenia’s life. Maybe a longer explanation is necessary, considering that what is essential in life is invisible to human eyes. Maybe it is necessary they find something authentic in the middle of everything to cross the abyss that separates them.
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Rights sold to Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Audiobook, Theater Play & Option for Audiovisual Rights

ISBN: 978-84-683-1577-5
Code: 115804
Publication date: 13/12/2023
252 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 20.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 12.70 
Care Santos

<b>Care Santos </b>was born in Mataró (Barcelona) in 1970. Compulsive reader, she studied Law and while still young she worked as a journalist, literary and theatre critic and finally she started writing for both adults and children. Her work was quickly acclaimed by readers, with whom she always maintains contact. Winner of the best awards in the literary scene, as the Premio Nadal, among others, she has always stood for the dignity of children’s and young adult’s literature. Her novels for young adults have been awarded with the Premio EDEBÉ, Gran Angular, Ateneo Joven de Sevilla, Barco de Vapor, Alandar…

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