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Victor hates ghosts and for a good reason. Ever since he was born a ghost has been making his life miserable. At home, nobody believes in him anymore and they do not pay attention to his complaints when Victor says that it was the ghost who did something naughty instead of him. But one day, things get worse and really ugly. At that point, Victor decides to take the offensive. He finds a plan to get rid of ghosts on the Internet and tries to carry it out nevertheless, that would be the beginning of a bigger disaster.
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ISBN: 978-84-683-5608-2
Code: 134773
Publication date: 15/12/2021
104 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 19.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 10.95 
Recommended subjects:
Language and literature
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction: General, modern and contemporary fiction
Vila Sexto, Carlos

Carlos Vila Sexto was born in La Coruña in 1977. He is a writer and screenwriter. At the age of fourteen he won the V Rúa Nova award for Children's Fiction with the adventure novel Alén da adventure (Beyond the Adventure), published by Editorial Galaxia. Carlos has also been the creator and scriptwriter of the television series Los Misterios de Laura (TVE), Motivos Personales (Telecinco) and Un lugar en el mundo (Antena 3). His series Los Misterios de Laura has been the first in the history of television in Spain to be adapted in the United States (The Mysteries of Laura). In Edebé He has published the children's novels Hugo and the Phantom Thief and Sleepwalkers, the trilogy The Salesman's Chronicles and the novel Young adult Dying is nothing out of this world.

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