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Carranza, Maite. Illustrated by: Ortega, Manuel.
After an accident in the zoo years ago, Dani stopped speaking. Dani’s family decides to join a Safari in Africa hoping that Dani will talk again. Nevertheless, as soon as they get there, and due to chance, the boy ends up alone and lost in the African savannah. Jupiter, a female chimpanzee, will adopt Dani as her son and will open the doors to his new chimpanzee family, with whom Dani will surprisingly feel and communicate better than in his usual environment.
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ISBN: 978-84-683-4275-7
Code: 129673
Publication date: 25/03/2019
276 pages
Size: 13.0cm x 19.5cm. Paperback
Cover price: 10.95 
Theme:Children's / Teenage fiction: General, modern and contemporary fiction
Carranza, Maite

<b>Maite Carranza </b>was born in Barcelona in 1958. She holds a degree in Anthropology and after a period of teaching, she devoted her career to writing (literature and audiovisual scripts). Since then, she has published more than 60 books and has achieved important literary awards and recognitions, here and abroad, such as -to mentioned a few- Folch y Torres, Joaquim Ruyra, Critics award Serra d’Or, edebé children's, edebe Young-Adult's, White Ravens, Protagonista Jove, Banco libro Caracas, as well as, the Spanish National Award in 2011.<br/> <br/> In 2014, she also received the Cervantes Chico Award for its entire career in children and young adult literature.<br/> <br/> Her children and young-adult literature work has been translated to more than 30 languages, becoming probably the most translated Spanish children alive author.

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