edebe-award-for-children-and-young-adult literature

Edebé Children's and Young People's Literature Award

Supporting an award of recognized literary and pedagogical quality for more than 30 years

Since 1993, in the hopes of enriching the literature catalogue, our publishing house has announced the Edebé Children's and Young People's Literature Award. The award has achieved recognized prestige thanks to the solid list of writers and titles presented. The award-winning works are published simultaneously in the Spanish State's four official languages, to value the multicultural character of our country. Additionally, the books are available as ebooks or audiobooks, and are also translated into Braille thanks to an agreement with ONCE.

We are proud of the intuition of our jury and we will not tire of saying so. Some of the best examples of his criteria are: the winner of the first edition in the Young adult category, a then unknown Carlos Ruiz Zafón who, at only 28 years old, took the award with El Príncipe de la Niebla; or the three works awarded the award Edebé who later obtained the National award for Children's and Young People's Literature, ratifying them as exceptional works of their genre: La isla de Bowen, César Mallorquí (Barcelona, XNUMX) is probably one of the most renowned and bestselling Children and YA Spanish author. In XNUMX his prolific career was recognized with the Cervantes Chico Award. Two years before, in XNUMX, he had received the Spanish National Children and Young Adult Award given by the Spanish Minister of Culture for his worked La Isla de Bowen (Bowen’s Island) a work who has previously received the edebe Young‐Adult Award. During his career, he has been awarded with many other awards including Alberto Magno award (XNUMX), UPC award (XNUMX), Gigamesh award (XNUMX), EDEBÉ award (XNUMX), Gran Angular (XNUMX), White Raven XNUMX and been included in Ibby Honour list in different ocasions. , Palabras envenenadas, Maite Carranza, and The Frankenstein effect, Elia Barceló.


But the influence of the Edebé Award does not stop at our borders: there are already more than 160 international editionsof all the awards, translations in 25 countries and 22 languagesdifferent ones ranging from German, French, Italian or Portuguese, to Persian, Hebrew, Chinese or Korean. Of these translations, the winner in the Children's category in 2013 is the banner, Moss de david cirici, which at the same time managed to be distinguished with the prestigious Strega Ragazzi 2017 Award, and poisoned words, Maite Carranza, published in 16 countries.

The award Edebé of Children's and Young Adult Literature began its journey in 1993 and has become a mandatory reference among authors, both for the literary quality of the works and for the prestige of the writers awarded in previous editions.

Its annual ceremony is attended by institutional representatives and attracts a large number of media outlets that highlight the cultural and educational role of the Edebé Group.


Photos on the occasion of the XX and XXX anniversary of the Award Edebé of Children's and Youth Literature