Grupo Edebé

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29 years supporting children & Young Adult literature

It is amazing how time flies! Next year, our awards will celebrate three decades. Three decades supporting Children & YA literature authors and offering to them a scenario to shine. An amazing list of fifty seven titles has been awarded already.

This year award winners, unlike the last past editions, are two freshmen Children & Young-adults literature authors, but already known in other fields. As you are aware of, the participation at the awards is anonymous, and every year the jury speculates about whose names are inside the winning envelopes, being a surprise year after year. No way to guess it but the truth is that since January 1993 they have read and awarded an amazing list of wonderful works, discovered new writers and contributed to consolidate author’s careers.

We are proud of our jury’s intuition and we will not get tired to repeating it once and again. Not in vain, our first winner was an unknown 28-years-old Carlos Ruiz Zafón, who was awarded with El Príncipe de la Niebla (The prince of Mist); not without reason three of the wining works obtained as well, afterwards, the SPANISH NATIONAL CHILDREN & YA LITERATURE AWARD: La isla de Bowen (Bowen’s Island) by César Mallorquí, Palabras envenenadas (Poisoned Words) by Maite Carranza and this past 2020, El efecto Frankentein (Frankenstein effect) by Elia Barceló.

But the influence of the Edebé award does not stop in our borders: more than 135 international editions published in 25 different countries and translated into 19 different languages prove it. As well as the list of international recognitions, from the Strega Award given to Musgo (Moss) by David Cirici to the Banco del libro de Venezuela given to the 16-times translated Palabras envenenadas by Maite Carranza.

A total of 316 original works have participated in this 29th edition, 200 in children’s category, 116 in the Young-Adult category. From those, 278 were written in Spanish, 26 in Catalan, 7 in Galician and 5 in Basque.