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by Mónica Rodríguez

The good days her mum would call him “King, my little king…”. The bad days, after having drunk, she would yell out or insult him. But when she started dating Ulric, a violent policeman that beat her, the situation become unbearable and one day he decides to run away from home. Starving and freezing, after having gone through so many dangers in the city, he is adopted by a wild dog that lives with a pack hidden on the woods. Later on, he will be accepted as a part of the pack. Then, he forgets his human kind, and learns to communicate and behave like those animals: he will be one more of their kind.

Mónica Rodríguez describes Rey’s life among stray dogs closed to wild packs that cause panic to humans that dare to approach them. At the style of Dickens realism, without omitting harsh details, she is able to put herself in the skin of our main characters and shows us their emotions, their rage and also their tenderness.

This beautiful story deepens in abandonment and compassion, in strength and community, in the capacity to understand feelings, whether human or animal. Full of poetry, with suggestive landscapes and disturbing environments, the taiga Mowgli, Rey, will have to learn how to survive in the “wild” world, and he will manage it thanks to them, his pack of stray dogs. Be part of them becomes, step by step, his new world, his lifestyle, his being. He will learn not only to survive, but to love.

An epic fight, at the end of which, like Tarzan or Mowgli, he will have to return to the civilized world, learn to live again among humans even though he might miss his canine friends.

This story is based on real sad stories of children adopted and raised by dogs. The most known is the one of Ivan Mishukov, a four year-old boy who run away from home because of alcohol problems in the family. He lived among stray dogs for two years. Police could finally recover him in 1998 after a few tries in which the dogs defended him. Ivan was adopted by a family and he is actually a soldier.


Originally written in Spanish for readers 11+ years old

Publication in March 2022


The memory of the woman who called him my little king was erased. Nothing connected him to the world of humans any more. Sometimes the boy would start barking, like other dogs do. He started first as a game. (...) This is how he learned to communicate with them. There were no words, no thoughts, and everything was that soft breeze between the eyelids. The fluffy breathing of the dog and the branches over their heads, combining the grey sky. There was neither before nor after. Life was only what was happening then, in that precise moment, nothing else. And it was, in spite of everything, a good life."

Mónica Rodríguez

Biographical Profile

Mónica Rodríguez was born in Oviedo (1969) and lives in Madrid since 1993. She is graduated in Physical Science, with a Master’s degree in Nuclear Energy. She worked for fifteen years in...