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El Club de las Cuatro Emes,
by Juan Ramón Santos

Manuel, Matilde & the two Maria’s are a group of friends from school with something in common: they hate the grouchy, unfriendly and hypocritical candy saleswomen from the neighborhood shop, Madam Sweeties. The terrible lady doesn't seem to like children or her job: she in fact wished “something else” in life, like a house in Paris and be able to speak in French.

The four friends also have in common that their names start with letter “M”, and in order to revenge for all the unfair complaints Madam Sweeties accused them, decided to create the Four M’s club, a club that ended revealing big secrets. Secrets that, nevertheless, will change their original revenge plan towards another good one.

Mixing suspense with sense of humor, the story flows towards an unexpected story where nothing is what it seems and where, despite all the plans, unforeseen circumstances ended managing the plot. Told as a suspense adventure in which the reader is questioned about gambling addiction, with a rich style, full of funny expressions and sharp caustic descriptions.

Four M’s club is a story full of surprises that invite us to discover what is behind appearances and not to prejudge, as well as what games are best to avoid.


Originally written in Spanish for readers 10+ years old

To be published in March 2021

The Jury’s words:

According to the jury, Four M’s Club “it is an adventure-suspense story written in a classic style, with a strong narrative voice, a very accurate use of language and totally credible dialogues”.

“The plot is funny and surprising, with a perfectly mix trim of mystery and humor. What it makes it really exceptional is the theme, never seen before in Children’s literature, and so necessary: Gambling disorder, the addiction and its harmful aspects.”


–But, what could you do to him that could be worse than what he is already suffering? We are about to lose our flat because we had to ask for a mortgage again and we cannot pay the bills; one of these days he will be fired because he is not even the shadow of the magnificent salesman he used to be and our children do not speak to him any longer. Shouldn’t this be enough? Looks it isn’t. He is still obsessed with the game, and he is not going to stop gambling until he causes our ruin…
–Well, maybe but this is because he hasn’t yet faced the Four M Club …… –answered Matilde with mystery.