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XXX Edition Edebé Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Mónica Rodríguez & Pedro Ramos winners of 2022 edebe awards

Mónica Rodríguez (Oviedo, 1969), with the children’s tale Rey (King) and Pedro Ramos (Madrid, 1973), with the YA fiction Un Ewok en el jardín (An Ewok in my Garden) are the winners of this special 30th edition of the edebé awards for Children & Young-Adult literature. The real based story of a "Taiga Mogwli", raised by a pack of dogs has conquered edebe children's jury heart. While the story of how saving a cat from a certain death and meeting a twon kook may have saved David from suicide, has deeply convinced the YA jury members. Two moving works that show how cruel, tough and solitary could be the life of nowaday kids.

Rey (King), based on a real story, is a travel to the dark caves of human soul. Mónica Rodríguez, the author, portraits the story of a little boy who has to survive among a pack of stray dogs, in a snow and cold landscape, in the outskirts of a village, face to face, with the deep taiga forest. A story full of poetry that shows how the boy faces abandon, loneliness, mistreatment and specially, how he faces beasts… either animal or human.

In Un Ewok en el jardín (An Ewok in my Garden), Pedro Ramos speaks about dark moods, depression characteristics and suicide without concessions. This scourge is increasing in our society, especially among youngsters who seem to have everything but nevertheless feel like “shit”. But even in those self-sabotage moments in which our mind tear us down with guilty, sadness or self punishment, and it may seem the only solution is to end with our life, there is a way out. Even then, there is a helping hand, someone to talk to and a lot of things to add to the list of reasons to stay alive.