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XXIX Edition Edebé Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Juan Ramón Santos & Pablo Gutierrez winners of 2021 edebe awards

El club de las cuatro M (Four M’s Club) by Juan Ramon Santos (Plasencia, 1975) and El síndrome de Bergerac (Bergerac syndrome) by Pablo Gutiérrez (Huelva, 1978), are the winners of this year Children’s and Young-adult’s awards, respectively.

Four M’s Club is a very funny, fresh and full of surprises adventure story that deals with a subject not really usual on children’s literature: Gambling disorder. Juan Ramon Santos plays a lot in his book, plays with words and with a group of four lovely young friends, to offer us a detective plot that starts in a candy shop owned by a grumpy woman who seems to hate children. But as you can imagine, nothing is what it looks like, nothing is what it seems.

Pablo Gutiérrez, selected by Granta magazine as one of the best Young Spanish writers in 2009 and with a rising career in adult fiction, has obtained the edebe award with Bergerac Syndrome: his first Y-A title! Using as inspiration a real experience, Pablo has written a story that emphasizes the talent of young people, its overwhelming force and their capacity for commitment and creativity. Being at the same time an amazing homage to the magic power of theatre and a great homage to an obnoxiously large nose, famous worldwide: the one of Cyrano.

Two Works that have in common its intention to break out some prejudgments: the supposed taboo’s subject in children literature, like gambling problems, and the fact that teenagers are a bunch of lazy unmotivated beings.