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2. Las siete magníficas


Author: Santiago García-Clairac

Illustrator: Laia Ferraté

ISBN: 978-84-683-6400-1

Pages: 192

Size: 13× 9,5 cm. Paperback w/flaps

PVP: 14,00 €

Collection Lili, the Masked Ranger

2. Las siete magníficas


Lili’s parents have a ranch with horses to ride. They used to rent them out for filming or sightseeing tours. However, they have little work lately. So when a new film director, a woman, hires their services for another western in that case with a full cast of women, they all get excited about the project. 

However, problems soon arise: shooting is in danger and Lili keeps receiving threats. What to do? She can only take refuge in her imagination and all her western films background... In that case, the film the Magnificent Seven in her imagination starred by seven brilliant women from different origin.

Lilí, the Masked Ranger, will know how to find a solution!

Values: Friendship, love



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