Grupo Edebé

Foreign Rights

3. Pánicus


Author: Beatriz Osés

Illustrator: Mónica Armiño

ISBN: 978-84-683-5641-9

Pages: 160

Size: 13 x 19,5 cm. Paperback

PVP: 12,70 €

Collection Brian McNeill

3. Pánicus


Aill is the name of a small Irish village where some curious neighbours live. Brian Mcneill is the best example; he is twelve years old and has cropped hair. And Asperger's. In all, there are 50 inhabitants in Aill. It may seem that nothing ever happens in a place like this... But when the lady in black makes her appearance in the village, everyone panics. Who has she come for?


Rights sold to Slovenia

Values: Environmental education, Education for peace, Tolerance, solidarity

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