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Foreign Rights

Benjamin Wilson y el caso de la mano maléfica


Author: Beatriz Osés

Illustrator: Emilio Urberuaga

ISBN: 978-84-683-5019-6

Pages: 148

Size: 13 × 20 cm. Paperback

PVP: 9,95 €

Collection Orange Tucan

Benjamin Wilson y el caso de la mano maléfica


When he’s about to retire, Benjamin Wilson has to return to school as a student. A letter from the Ministry of Education states that he is seven years old and must return to school immediately. Wilson returns to his old school with the sole aim of clearing up the mistake. However, everything will change when he begins to investigate who is behind the evil hand that is terrifying his classmates.


Rights sold to Korea

Values: Friendship, love, Moral and civil education, Education for peace, Tolerance, solidarity