Grupo Edebé

Foreign Rights

El Ave del Amanecer


Author: Alfredo Gómez Cerdá

Illustrator: Carmen Peris

ISBN: 84-236-7694-3

Pages: 80

Size: 13 x 19.5 cm Paperback

PVP: 9,95 €

Collection Orange Tucan

El Ave del Amanecer


Simak was a great lord who had two children: Simak, who would succeed the throne one day, and Meluye, his beloved daughter. Although Meluye was surrounded by slaves and the most expensive gifts, she was not happy at all. She couldn't leave the palace and she couldn't even learn to read. One day her father announced it was time for her to marry, she started to imagine how she could escape her fate. She begged his father to give her in marriage to the one who could catch the Down Bird, which was "a strange bird, of dazzling colours and sweet trilling, who lived on the green lands, beyond the desert".


Rights sold to Mexico & Ecuador

Values: Education for the equality of opportunity for both sexes, Highway code education, Tolerance, solidarity