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Elisenda Roca y Salvador Carreras

Elisenda Roca (Barcelona, 1963) is a journalist, writer and theater director. She directs, produces and presents radio and TV programmes. Moreover, she has been writing for children and young adults for twenty-two years. Her stories and novels have been translated into 14 languages. Among the numerous awards she has received over her forty years dedicated to the world of communication and culture are the Ondas Television Award, the Òmnium Cultural Radio Award and the Butaca Theater Award.

Salvador Carreras was born in Barcelona in 1964. He studied graphic design at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. In 1987 he went to work in Ecuador as a graphic designer for the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. When he returned to Barcelona in 1992, he founded one of the successfulness advertising agencies in Barcelona. Postdata, focused on social and cultural communication. The search for self-knowledge has led Salvador Carreras to be trained as a psycho-corporal therapist at Marc Costa's school. And from this introspection, he has developed a vocation for transmitting emotional concepts to children. El conte de les emocions is his first adventure in the world of children's literature.