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Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Jordi Sierra i Fabra was born in Barcelona in 1947. He began to write when he was eight, and when he was twelve he decided that his vocation was to become a novelist. However, seduced by rock music he initiated his professional career as director of some of the most influential music magazines in Spain (Disco Express, Popular I, etc.). His works have not just obtained the most prestigious national and international prizes (such is the National award, edebe’s, Gran Angular, Protagonista Jove, IBBY list, CCEI honours, Columna Jove, Barco de vapor, Ramón Muntaner, White Ravens, Néstor Luján, Julio C. Coba, Barcanova, Cervantes Chico, La Galera, Anaya, LIJ Iberomericano, Fiter i Rosell, among many others) but they have also been made into films. He is a tireless traveler and works without rest.