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Carmen Peris

I was born in Barcelona (Spain) For ten years I worked as a graphic designer for a Graphic Arts Company. During this time I was a student of Fine Arts at the Escola Massana in Barcelona from which I graduated in 1968. In 1979 I Publisher my first book as an illustrator. Since then I have Publisher more than 150 books, including for both catalan and spanish publishers as well as for foreign companies. In addition to my work as an illustrator of books, I actively collaborate with several local newspapers. My work has been exhibited in galleries in Gotebourg, Sweden, Bolonia, Budapest, BIB Bratislava, Praga, and the Otani Memorial Museum, Nishinimiya, Japan. In 1990 I have been teaching a graduate course in Typograpfy at University of Barcelona. At the moment I am working on a series of Lithography regarding poetic texts.