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Territorio desconocido

Territorio desconocido,
by Luis Leante

Everything that happened during that high school year lit the fuse that would blow a few lives apart.

Isa, Diego and Tomas, once inseparable friends since childhood, have been drifting apart since Isa and Diego started dating, and the good-natured Tomas has become increasingly aggressive since an incident no one knows about. Then, an apparently arson attack in a warehouse in the village, together with the discovery of some human remains, triggers an investigation that will uncover a plot much more complex than anyone would suspect.

A story with hints of "true crime" and with a narrative structure that helps to further tighten the intrigue based on snippets of information very well dosed in the voices of young people and adults involved in the events. A novel that highlights the cowardice of those who look the other way; the ignorance of parents about what their children do; the excessive importance that society and in particular young people give to their body and popularity as well as the lights and shadows, the mysteries and secrets surrounding the crime...

At the centre of it all and beyond the harassment: the public humiliation at the hands of the young and the powerful feeling of thirst for revenge of the victim that causes the mind to collapse into an unknown territory.



"A scientific study concludes that the feeling of humiliation triggers more intense and negative brain activity than anger, which in its turn activates the areas linked to pain. Then the mind gets into an unknown territory that makes human behavior unpredictable."


Luis Leante

Biographical Profile

He studied Classical Philology and was a secondary school Latin teacher between 1988 and 2009. He has also been a professor in the Audiovisual Communication degree. He currently lives in Alicante and is dedicated to editorial work and teaching...