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Un Ewok en el jardín

Un Ewok en el jardín,
by Pedro Ramos

David is a 16 year-old intelligent boy, passionate about music. But his life is very stressful: his father is in a Hospital, her step sister, Zoe, lives in Berlin, and he has to fight against a depression that makes his existence unbearable.

The character is introduced during the first part of the work, only through her selfless and worried step sister Zoe’s emails to him. We do not see his answers, but the pieces of the emails fit in like in a puzzle to get deep into David’s story… and his mind.

In the second part, we will be able to read, chronologically, what has happened that day, the day when everything changed for David. The day when he saved a cat from a certain death, and how this permitted him to meet the town kook (who said to have a Ewok in his garden) and how this encounter will, in a sense, saved his own life.

Pedro Ramos has managed to show us the dark side of our souls without naming it, the depression signs and the crazy ideas that come to the mind of people who suffers it: Self punishment, apathy, anxiety, feeling that nothing has sense and only wish to disappear. Everything is described in a very disturbing style. But there is light at the end of the tunnel that gives hope to readers to walk away from darkness.

A fiction that tries to move the readers to talk about their problems or their feelings, with friends, with parents or with teachers in a very crucial moment of their lives.


Originally written in Spanish for readers 16+ years old

Publication in March 2022


"Dark thoughts are always there. You get up as if the world is upside down, as if the ground is mud and your legs are sinking in it.... You can't take a step. It's impossible. The mud is filthy, it sticks to your body, it traps you... I cut myself, I bleed, and this helps to drive away my anxiety. I carefully hide my wounds. I deserve everything that happens to me. Everything I deserve happens to me. I am nothing. I am no one. I am a scream that no one can hear."


Pedro Ramos

Biographical Profile

Pedro Ramos (Madrid, 1973) felt the need to tell stories when he was a kid and he hasn’t stopped since then. He was an outstanding student with high marks and obtained a university degree in...