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Beatriz Osés

Beatriz Osés (Madrid, 1972) is a writer, literature teacher and journalist. She has been awarded the Joaquín Sama and Giner de los Ríos awards for educational innovation, the 2006 Lazarillo de Creación literaria Award for her work Cuentos como pulgas, the 2008 Ciudad de Orihuela International Children's Poetry Award for El secreto del oso hormiguero and the 2010  La Brújula Young Adult Novel Award for El cuentanubes, a work with which she was a finalist for the 2011 Children's and Young Adult Literature Award. In 2018 she won the edebé Children's Literature Award for Soy una nuez and in 2020 the Barco de Vapor Award. Beatriz Osés is also the author of the successful Erik Vogler series, with eight titles published for young readers. Her work has already been translated into French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Iranian, Korean and Turkish, and adapted in Mexico and also for audiobooks and even a theatre play.




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